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Morning Java: DK, Rick Sebak at WQED!

Good morning!

And hi, neighbor!

What a day my wife Dali and I had Tuesday. We were invited to the WQED-TV studios in Oakland as part of a joint initiative the station will soon be unveiling related to subscriptions at both ends and, among other pleasant surprises -- I'd never been in the building before -- we were taken on a tour of Fred Rogers' office, his giant studio and, picture above, the painted-brick path to the Neighborhood of Make Believe.

Which still exists, I might add, since it was ... you know, make believe.

And joining me, as one can plainly see up there, was the living legend Rick Sebak, author of countless classic documentaries about our city. He was even kind enough to do this impromptu Morning Java with us:

I'm blown away. Humbled beyond words. I've written many times about the impact that both Mr. Rogers and Mr. Sebak have had on my life. Experiencing all that in the span of a couple whirlwind hours ... yeah. Thanks to the one and only Lilli Mosco for making it all happen.

Can't wait to do more. Can't wait to share more.

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