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View from the Dugout: Hype bros win it

Cole Tucker and Kevin Newman were born to man the Pirates infield together. While we're not quite to the point where they are the pair of regulars, we've seen some flashes of what is to come from the duo of rookies.

Take Hunter Homistek's story about Tucker getting called back to the show yesterday, for example. The image that sits atop it is of Newman and Tucker celebrating a win together for the first time sharing keystone responsibilities for the Pirates.

I shared that photo that day, along with one of the first I took of the good friends together, and this was Tucker's response:

Tucker is the much more outwardly emotional of the two. He screams for much lesser feats than tying a game on a drawn-out walk with the bases loaded. Newman, though ... he's coming around as he's gotten pretty comfortable screaming in the faces of teammates who hit one over the fence. And, as he's becoming increasingly comfortable winning games via the walk-off as well ... his levels of hype are just starting to unpeel.

When you combine the two, though, it's pretty special.

Tucker started the hype train with his walk. He calmly started toward first base but began to scream and leap as fans celebrated the tying run. That photo is up top, but after the first one you see there. It didn't take long for that one to play out, either, as Newman drove in the winning run just moments after Tucker tied it.

Newman rounded first, threw his helmet, screamed, shouted and then was joined by Tucker to celebrate the way only that pair could. Appropriately, it was just the two of them for a moment before being mobbed by the rest of the black and gold.

Hunter has that story, the whole story on the blown-lead-but-come-back-and-walk-it-off win. If you want to see Tucker and Newman, though, in their celebratory fashion, that's up at the top of this piece. It starts with their combined celebration and runs through a few more of the hype-filled rookies on their journey to tie and win the game.

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