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Sunday’s Best: Action outside the end zone

When a game features more fumbles than scores, it can be tough to put the right art to the right story. There is always good action in a football game, but it doesn't always compete with the scoring plays -- the ones people want to see after a game.

In the Steelers' 17-7 win over the Chiefs, there were three scoring plays that made decent photos ... one of which was a Diontae Johnson touchdown that got called back for interference. That left Johson's actual score and Mecole Hardman's lone Chiefs score.

They made, again, decent photos, but nothing that would stand out by the end of the game or when the ink dried on

What ended up making decent photos, however, were a lot of the fumbles, a few of the hits and ... honestly anything with Benny Snell. That guy is a photographer's treasure. And, really, he started and made my day by noticing me shooting him, deciding to throw on a fierce pose and then cracking into a smile and laugh after letting the dreads bounce over his eyes for a few different photographs:

Of course, that's not football, but it does set up a promising future of Benny Snell Football. One that I'm looking forward to that blends personality with football ability in a refreshingly positive way.

My favorite actual football photo of the day was likely Cody Thompson being upended by Mike Hilton. Thompson went up high to get it, but Hilton cut out his legs and sent Thompson tumbling to the ground without the ball.

That image sits up top to kick off the game's best photographs. From there, there are a lot of fumbles, a couple touchdowns and Bud Dupree being a superhero.

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