Bedard: How to attack, defend the champs ☕


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BOSTON -- Yinzers …

Greetings, once again, from the Hub of the Sports Universe. After the Patriots followed up the Red Sox's world title since the last time we saw each other, there was a decent chance we would have been holding all four major titles at the same time — which would have made you Steel City faithful feel all warm inside, I'm sure — but then Kyrie Irving happened (ugh), and ... we're still not over the Bruins' no-show in Game 7. Let's not talk about that.

But, hey, it's football season now and everybody else is playing for the Patriots' scraps. Plus the Steelers are coming to Gillette where they hear more Patriots radio broadcasts in their headsets than game-winning strategies.

So to get you ready for another Patriots-Steelers week, here's a primer on where the Patriots are and may be going:

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