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Site Stuff: Sponsor for Carter, anyone? ☕


All our weekly and daily features are sponsored, you might have noticed. Friday Insider, Stats 'N' At, Sunday's Best, Cartoon Canon, Drive to the Net, Mound Visit, Live Qs at 5, the minor-league baseball, and this one, too. Erich Cushey and our friends at Curtis Pharmacy have been the pillars -- pillers? -- beneath Saturday Site Stuff for years.

Only one stands unsupported: Carter's Classroom.

And I've got to tell you, that's leaving Chris Carter, maybe the most energetic man on the planet, feeling plenty down these days.

Imagine this guy being down:

Here's how this works here for budgeting purposes: We make sure we can handle all our beats from the news coverage standpoint. That's the meat and potatoes. But the weekly and daily features are the gravy, if you will. They're above and beyond. And as such, they require funding that's above and beyond.

Fortunately, as noted, we've had businesses step up ... for everything but Classroom. Which is odd considering it's long been among our most loved features, as well as one of our most trafficked. We've tried -- and Carter's tried himself -- to push for a sponsor here and on social media and, beyond the occasional nibble, there hasn't been much of a response.

So hey, let's fix this and, in turn, allow us to help grow your business!

Email my wife Dali at to ask anything you'd like. And if you're interested in an advance peek at what we offer on all scales, here's our 2019 media kit.


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