AB’s stepfather: ‘He’s very abusive to women’


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Antonio Brown. -- AP PHOTO

Antonio Brown's former stepfather Larry Moss Jr. spoke with USA Today about the rape allegations involving Brown, and he said that he isn't surprised by the allegations.

“I can’t tell you that he did what they said he did,’’ Moss said. “But I know he’s very abusive to women.

"As far as just raping somebody, (Brown) just feels like he can have whatever he wants. He’s just empowered that way. So it doesn’t surprise me that this kind of allegation came out about him.’’

Moss said that he personally witnessed Brown being physically abusive to Wiltrice Jackson, the mother of Brown's daughter. Jackson told police that Brown pushed her to the ground in January of this year. Moss also said that Shameika Brailsford, the mother of Brown's oldest child Antonio Brown Jr., spoke to him about Brown being physically abusive.

“She told me that he done jumped on her before,’’ Moss said. “He done choked her. They done had run-ins.’’

Moss helped raise Brown from the ages of five to 17. He said that when Brown was a teenager, he punched Moss in the mouth, and the two haven't spoken since 2005.

“A lot of things that (Brown) is doing, nothing surprises me,’’ Moss said. “I’m surprised that it took them this long to figure him out. Because he’s been this way since he’s been 12 years old.’’

USA Today said that Moss got angry when speaking about the fact that Brown's mother, Adrianne Moss, is now looking for a second job.

“There’s no way in the world his mother should be looking for no second job with the kind of money he has and what she did for him,’’ Moss said.

“Antonio Brown is a fraud, man. He a fraud. He’s just not a good person, man.’’

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