Kovacevic: No decisions, assurances yet from Nutting … on anyone


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Clint Hurdle in the Pirates' dugout before the game Wednesday night at PNC Park. - AP

No, Bob Nutting hasn't made up his mind.

Not about Clint Hurdle. Not about Neal Huntington. Not about Frank Coonelly.

On Wednesday night, the Pirates were hit with a report by The Athletic's Stephen J. Nesbitt that Hurdle "believes his job is secure" into the 2020 season, borrowing from the article's opening sentence. The next sentence included that Hurdle "recently received assurance from the organization that he will be back as manager next year."

Those quotes I have there, by the way, are from the author, not from Hurdle. Hurdle himself isn't quoted directly anywhere in the article confirming his status in any way. There are quotes from Hurdle in the article, culled from a one-on-one interview Wednesday afternoon at PNC Park, but those were mostly repetition of remarks he's been making for two months, beginning in mid-July during a series in New York.

What follows is not at all a criticism of Nesbitt or his work. He's a good reporter. Rather, it is my own reporting of a situation that, while fluid, has remained mostly out of sight and had been expected to remain that way until after the season ends this Sunday.

I'm here to tell you, without hesitation, Hurdle hasn't received any assurance he'll be back from the only man that counts: Nutting.

And I'm here to tell you, also without hesitation, Huntington and Coonelly haven't, either.

Not yet and maybe not at all.

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