Kovacevic: Path for Steelers runs due North


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Nick Vannett focuses on a tackling dummy at Rooney Complex. - MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

T.J. Watt: "Hey, Siri, what's the score of the Wisconsin game?"

Siri: "Wisconsin is leading Northwestern, 7 to 3, at halftime."

Oh, come on. I had to tease him. Just had to.

I mean, if that wasn't the laziest thing I'd seen in forever: A hyper-intense, hyper-intelligent NFL linebacker looking down at his iPhone and, rather than manually searching out his alma mater, speaking it to the in-house robot?

"Did it work?" he shot back.

I checked his screen. It had Badgers and Wildcats roaming all over. It worked.

"All right then."

And with that came a 90-watt smile from No. 90.

Which was as close as anyone would come on this sweltering Saturday afternoon at the Rooney Complex to showing the slightest sign of such a thing. At least from what I could see. When the Steelers were on the field for a two-hour practice that would be their final prep for the Monday night meeting with the Bengals at Heinz Field, there was none of the usual whooping it up. When they were done, the mood ranged from dour to ... I don't know, determined?

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