Courtesy of Point Park University

Friday Insider: Crosby making some concessions to age ☕


Sidney Crosby has been the Penguins' best player through the first two weeks of the NHL season, as he has been for much of the time since he broke into the league in 2005.

He's 32 now, and while his game has evolved over the years, Crosby said he doesn't think it has changed all that much since he was a rookie.

"I think it's probably pretty similar," he said. "Hopefully, experience helps you in some forms. Being a little bit more responsible defensively, maybe. Showing a little bit more poise in certain situations because you've gone through certain things. But I feel like I'm still learning."

One thing he's caught on to is that it wouldn't be prudent to maintain the same routine when he was a teenager or in his early 20s, despite his ferocious commitment to conditioning.

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