Malkin calls reports of involvement in scam ‘garbage’


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CRANBERRY, Pa. -- A report came out of Russia on Monday detailing Evgeni Malkin's involvement in a cryptocurrency startup that went awry.

According to the report by, Malkin invested $4 million in a blockchain (the technology behind cryptocurrency) startup. Malkin was named a co-founder and was used as the face of the company, but was not actually involved in the day-to-day work that was happening in Moscow.

The startup reportedly raised more than $10 million in funding from other investors to finance the project before ceasing operations. The development team was never paid a salary and is owed money. Malkin's involvement opens him up to potential lawsuits.

After Monday's practice, a reporter asked Malkin a question that began with "Geno, there was something on the internet ..."

"No," Malkin interjected. "Forget it. It's garbage. I don't like that."

In the reporting of the story, a lawyer commenting on Malkin's involvement of the business said he has U.S. citizenship, which was previously unknown. Malkin confirmed he has dual citizenship.

"Yeah, of course," Malkin said. "It's my child, he has an American passport. It's my second home. I'm here 14 years. Maybe he go to school. My wife's here, I don't like U.S. fighting against Russia. We have rules in Russia, you have two passports. It's nothing bad. I'm okay about that, my child has two passports. I'm fine."

Then, Malkin went back to seemingly discussing the allegations of his involvement in the cryptocurrency scheme.

"I don't want this right now, it's garbage for me. I know I'm a good guy. I don't know what to say about that. It's a little bit crazy this morning for me, but it's nothing bad for me."

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