Counting up to 1,000 H2P Subscriptions: 679


As of 3:01 a.m. Tuesday, five weeks since the announcement that Pitt coverage is back, we've sold 679 H2P Subscriptions. We're through the two-thirds mark of the goal of 1,000.

We sold 16 Monday, including a bulk purchase of five and another of two.

We'll get there.

There are three ways to get one:

1. If you're a new or returning subscriber, buy a full-year subscription at the half-off price of $19.76 in honor of the most recent football championship. Again, this is just for new or returning subscribers.

2. If you're an existing subscriber, upgrade your current monthly or annual subscription to the three-year Lunatic Level. Just click 'Upgrade subscription' on that page. We'll add three years to your existing subscription.

3. This is the big one: If you're an existing subscriber, buy a Pitt one-year gift subscription -- also $19.76 -- for anyone you know. And if you don't know anyone who'd want one, we'll place your purchase into a pool and distribute them to students at the university, with a special invitation to everyone in the Oakland Zoo. If you're interested in buying a bunch of these in bulk, email me directly at DK@DKPittsburghSports.com.

To the latter point, we've had 52 readers buy bulk gift subscriptions.

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