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Cartoon Canon: Duck’s day!

RICHMOND, Va. -- Some events are best appreciated in the moment, and I have to believe that the story of folk hero Duck Hodges is one of them. As such, I felt like I should get quacking ... er, CRACKING…on a strip celebrating his unlikely achievements thus far.

True, the credit for the Steelers inexplicable success can and should be credited more to the team’s stout, ball-hawking defense and Mike Tomlin’s incredible coaching than to the undrafted rook from Samford…but in the story of the 2019 season, everybody has a part to play.

And what a story! No matter what happens over the final weeks, if you’d told me when Big Ben went down for the year that I’d be listening to Christmas carols and Steeler playoff scenarios at the same time, I’d have said you were crazy. Some stories you just have to enjoy.

[caption id="attachment_931622" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] ROB ULLMAN / DKPS[/caption]

CRASS COMMERCIALISM ALERT: I usually print up a few copies of Cartoon Canon strips to give to friends and family as Christmas gifts. This year, I’d like to offer them to readers as well! The prints measure 9" x 12”, cost a reasonable $10 apiece (plus a couple bucks for shipping), and any of the strips I’ve produced thus far are available. Take a look through the archives, shoot me an email at to let me know what you want, and I’ll have them made and shipped to you in time for Christmas! Thanks!


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