Bills’ Lawson unhappy with Hodges: ‘I said duck, duck, goose’

Look, I'm not sure what "Duck, duck, goose" even means in this context, but I do know Shaq Lawson was having none of it from Devlin 'Duck' Hodges on Sunday at Heinz Field.

Speaking with reporters after the Bills' 17-10 victory over the Steelers, Lawson vented some of his frustrations with the Steelers' undrafted rookie quarterback.

"I was quiet all week. I was quiet all week," Lawson began (h/t WROC-TV's Thad Brown with the video).

Quiet about what, you might ask? Well, Hodges was asked about this Bills defense in the lead-up to their Sunday-night showdown, of course, and Lawson wasn't content with Hodges' response.

"[The Bills] are a good defense," Hodges told reporters at the Rooney Complex before the game. "We have played a lot of good defenses ... I know they average almost one turnover a game. When you can average turnovers a game, that helps your football team win football games. They are just a solid group. They have really good players all
around. I don’t know if they do anything that is just special, it’s just one of those solid, solid defenses that comes each and every week ready to play."

It wasn't exactly a scorching sound bite from Hodges, but it was enough for Lawson to pin it to his bulletin board.

"I was going to wait until the game to talk my junk," Lawson continued. "I had to say some words to him. I said, 'Duck, duck, goose.' Just let him know. Like, you only started three games or however many games you started, you can't just go out there and talk junk like that. Yeah, he said we're a normal D[efense]."

Hodges threw four interceptions in the game, and the Steelers' Diontae Johnson also lost a fumble, bumping their turnover total to five on the day.

The point wasn't lost on Lawson.

"A normal D got five — how many turnovers was that? I mean, six? That's just not a normal D," he said. "We came out here and put on another show and hope we continue to get people's respect."

Lawson did his part, too, posting three tackles (all solo), a sack, two quarterback hits and a forced fumble in his team's win.

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