Banner hits Market Square for hilarious Christmas quiz

Freaking Zach Banner, man. Who saw this season coming for No. 72?

It's not that he's become a Pro Bowler, but Banner is seeing some playing time this season after being a fringe roster guy to start the season. He survived training camp and made the 53-man roster, and as the season progresses, he becomes more and more of a fan favorite.

From reporting as eligible to holding his block in the victory formation to his hilarious Twitter antics (including some prime back-and-forths with Devlin 'Duck' Hodges) Banner's become the cult hero Pittsburgh didn't know it needed.

And it's glorious.

In his latest, Banner took to Market Square, testing the limits of random Pittsburghers' knowledge of the Christmas season and of their beloved Steelers.

First note: Banner is 6-foot-9, 344 pounds. He's literally one of the biggest men in the Steelers locker room, if not the biggest. And he's walking around downtown in a freaking Steelers onesie, a Christmas-light necklace, a light-up headband and a Steelers Santa hat.


He also threatens to fight Santa Claus.

Just watch the full video right here, courtesy of the official Steelers Twitter account, and enjoy:

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