AB + scantily clad women + $100 bills = rap video ‘Whole Lotta Money’

Antonio Brown is officially on Grammy watch.

Just kidding.

Tuesday, Brown released a teaser video for his upcoming song, "Whole Lotta Money," and while it's not going to win any awards, it's ... actually not completely embarrassing.

Check it out for yourself:

So here's the thing: Brown isn't going to sign with Rhymesayers or anything, but this is 100 percent viable in today's musical landscape. Is it horrible? Sure, but so is most current and popular music. So that's fine.

Brown's "vocals" are heavily processed, but that's probably for the best. You remember when he went full Hippo on The Masked Singer, right?

Layered with effects, Brown actually sounds decent in the end here. It's catchy. He repeats the hook 400 times in 30 seconds to make sure people can sing along.

Brown's checking a lot of boxes with it.

And, hey, it's better than Le'Veon Bell. Genuinely.

Besides the song itself, the video, which was filmed in Brown's Florida home, has a pretty slick aesthetic happening. The black and white is appealing visually, but it also taps into a deeper metaphor with Brown's "No More White Woman" album title and theme.

I'm sure that was intentional.

If this doesn't pan out, Brown's been running routes and drills in Steelers gear on his Instagram story again. Maybe he can remix "Renegade" on his album to really win Steeler Nation back once and for all ...

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