Build your all-time Steelers defense

If we're stuck at home during this coronavirus quarantine, we might as well have some fun, eh?

Enter the Steelers.

Featuring some of the best defenders in NFL history, the Steelers provide plenty of players to choose from in a hypothetical "build your all-time team" scenario.

And I love hypotheticals.

First up, we're going to dig into the defense. Who are the best of the best to ever sport the black and gold? I filled in three players for you. It's up to you to pick the other eight in the comments down below.

Let's start:


We have Mel Blount as one of two cornerbacks, "Mean" Joe Greene at defensive tackle and Jack Lambert at middle linebacker.

Will you put James Harrison at edge or opt for a bigger body? Do any current Steelers make the cut? How will you use that linebacker/defensive back wild card?

The decisions are yours.

I'll see you down in the comments. Let's have some fun.

Oh, and offense tomorrow? Yeah. Offense tomorrow.

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