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Military Drive to 1,500: 409

We sold two military subscriptions Saturday, one Friday and, rewinding a bit, we sold 51 Monday. One reader who chose to remain anonymous bought an extraordinary 50.

Can't say this often enough: All contributions of all sizes are appreciated toward our Military Drive To 1,500, a challenge put forth by Josh DeNinno, our friend at Moon Golf Club, for our community to step up with 1,500 veteran subscription purchases in 2020, commemorating his course's 15th anniversary. And in the seven weeks since he's done so, our count is at 409, including 23 bulk purchases.

This past Saturday, we had a bulk purchase of five from a reader who chose to stay anonymous. Tim Skelton came through for 10 last Tuesday. The day before, John Hoebler signed up for 20. In recent days, we also had bulk purchases by Nick Shanayda, the son of a World War II fighter pilot, as well as Debra Aromatorio, John Sterling and Bill Caswell.

We've obviously got a very long way to go, but there's been a great early reaction to our having reduced the cost of these to half-price, now $19.99 for an annual, as we've done with other gift subscriptions. On top of that, Moon Golf Club will match 30 each month.

Let's do this. Here's where.

Or, if you’re interested in making a bulk purchase, please email me directly:

And finally, if you know of a veteran who might be interested in reading us, refer them here.

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