Zucker: ‘It’s us vs. racism’


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Jason Zucker. -- GETTY

Jason Zucker on Monday evening was the first Penguins player to put out a statement condemning racism and calling for change following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Zucker spent parts of eight seasons in Minnesota before being acquired by the Penguins, and still has a home there.

In a post on Twitter, Zucker urged readers to be vocal in their support for those facing injustice, and not just be supportive in silence. Zucker also committed to helping rebuild minority businesses that were impacted by the protests.

"It is us vs. racism," Zucker wrote. "One of the most powerful things I continue to read during this time is: When your children ask you about this time, when they learn about George Floyd in our history books, what will you say YOU did in response to racism and injustice?"

Zucker wrote about the importance of showing solidarity publicly, something players did not do when his former teammate JT Brown raised a fist during the national anthem in 2017.

"At the very VERY least, you can use your voice. I am pro justice. I am pro racial equality. I am pro accountability. Black lives matter. I will never know the plight of our black community, but you have my support and my voice. My former teammate JT Brown has been, and continues to be a great example of advocacy and when he peacefully protested on a global platform he deserved the full support of teammates, the NHL, and the fans. Supporting him silently was not and is not enough. To be better, we must listen, learn and take action.

"My most important action will always be to teach my children what is just, what is true equality, and what their responsibility is to our community.

"We also believe it’s our financial responsibility to support and we will continue donating to rebuild minority businesses that were affected during the protests. Black Lives Matter."


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