Hartman: With Steelers fans, you gotta deliver


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The fastest path between two points is a straight line. But my journey to this fine establishment has been anything but direct.

As I embark on this new venture, it is worth taking a look back at what got me right here, writing this article and becoming a part of such a tremendous team of writers.

When it comes to credentials, mine certainly look different than most. Just check out my bio to get a feel for my background. It is rooted in sports, but more importantly — dedication. When I started my own website, I decided it was time to see where this avenue of my life would take me. That simple website turned into me writing for Behind the Steel Curtain in 2014. Long story short, in 2015 I took over the website and became the editor. In the five years I served as editor, I grew the site exponentially, as well as helped develop a blossoming podcast platform at the same time.

It all began with a passion for the Steelers but also a dedication rooted in evolution and improvement.

What will I bring to the table here at My role is multi-faceted but primarily focused on content and news. As the website evolves, the desire for more content is at a premium, and this is where I come in. It will be my job to provide content for fans of the Steelers to enjoy every day. Weekday or weekend, doesn't matter. The Steelers content will be consistent, and that is without even talking about the rest of the NFL/Steelers writers providing content on the team.

The simple fact is nothing trumps the NFL when it comes to news, and not many teams trump the Steelers when it comes to their rabid fan base. Even in these uncertain times, it is the NFL who seems to be bound and determined to keep things as usual as possible heading into the unknown that is the 2020 regular season.

With me joining the team, understand my job is not to change what is already in place but to make it better. Providing more content will be everything from schedule breakdowns to commentary on the team, and everything in between.

As someone who has followed the team my whole life — and covered the team in some way the past seven years — I look forward to not only bringing you the breaking news but to providing content which you will enjoy on a regular basis. I have followed the Steelers coverage here at since the site's inception, and after Chris Carter leaving my site to come here, I have always had a dream of becoming part of the team.

I guess you could say me taking on this role is literally a dream come true. Buckle up, Steelers fans. It’s going to be a helluva ride.

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