Outside the numbers: How are Steelers on edge?


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Steelers outside linebacker T.J. Watt (90) -- MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Earlier this week, we looked at defense up the middle of the field, a very important component traditionally for any defense.

Today, we'll look at defenses outside the numbers, ie. cornerbacks and edge rushers.

Those two positions go hand in hand and play off of each other. Get good coverage and it allows your edge guys to get home. Have a strong rush off the edge and your corners don't have to cover quite as long.

It's all very important in today's game, where the emphasis is on throwing the ball -- a lot.

Once again, we'll look at how Pro Football Focus ranked the teams and then we'll turn the page to my rankings, as well.

In this case, PFF's rankings are a little more relevant. Apparently, their graders don't have any issues seeing who is winning their one-on-one battles as edge rushers. But, much like the grades for the safeties and linebackers, players who spend a lot of time in coverage wind up with lower grades.

Again, teams with rookies projected as starters aren't counted since they haven't posted an NFL grade.

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