Conner buys his mom a brand new house

These are strange days we live in right now. Many forced to close their businesses. Some forced to quarantine. No concerts. No sports.

But there is still good being done, and it is important to highlight the good happening in our society, and plenty is happening within the sports community even though they aren't on the field, ice or court.

Recently, James Conner bought his father a new truck, but he decided to take his good deeds a step further and purchased his mother a brand new home. Conner posted this heart warming video on his verified Twitter page Saturday.

Conner is entering the final year of his rookie contract, which has him making the most amount of money per his slotted first professional contract. Despite the amount of money he makes, Conner is doing plenty of giving to his family during the coronavirus pandemic.

Off the field Conner is hitting on all cylinders, both in gift giving as well as training, but what he does on the field in 2020 will ultimately decide what Conner will get in his second contract as a professional. Will it be with the Steelers, or another franchise? That has yet to be seen, but right now Conner is focused on his family, fitness and football in hopes of hitting a big pay day as an unrestricted free agent in 2021.

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