Man of Troy: Five-part exclusive interview series with Polamalu

I recently wrote a five-part series on former Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame later this summer.

Throughout the series, you'll hear from Polamalu's family, coaches, teammates and, of course, from Polamalu himself, shedding light on the player — and the man — like never before.

Each piece is 100 percent free and open, so give them a read, then share away.

PART 1: Polamalu's 'street rat' beginning

PART 2: Polamalu's journey, from L.A. to Tenmile, Ore. 

PART 3: Polamalu's bumpy start in NFL ... "Pittsburgh ... really?!" 

PART 4: Polamalu treats fatherhood like football 

PART 5: The bond that forever binds Polamalu, Steelers, 'humble' excellence 

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