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Military Drive to 1,500: 1,115

We sold 10 military subscriptions Monday, all to our Germany bureau chief Dave Devine!

I've written about Dave previously but, for those who don't know, he's been among our longest-standing readers, one with whom I've formed a special connection because he's up and reading our stuff bright and early over there ... while I'm staying up late each night preparing the site for our own morning on this side of the globe. Dave reads, shares his thoughts and possible corrections, and it all works out wonderfully.

Thanks, my friend!

All contributions of all sizes are appreciated toward our Military Drive To 1,500, a challenge put forth by Josh DeNinno, our friend at Moon Golf Club, for our community to step up with 1,500 veteran subscription purchases in 2020, commemorating his course's 15th anniversary. And in the five months since he's done so, our count is at 1,115, including 58 bulk purchases.

So hey, we're through the two-thirds mark for the year!

The military subs are $19.99 for the annual and can be bought individually right here.

Or, if you’re interested in making a bulk purchase, please email me directly:

And finally, if you know of a veteran who might be interested in reading us, refer them here.

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