Kovacevic: Is boredom Pitt’s real problem?

So riddle me this: If the University of Pittsburgh's football program can't take its own schedule seriously, why should anyone else?

No, really, not to pile on after the Panthers' astounding 21-10 loss to Akron -- you read that right -- on this otherwise sunny Saturday afternoon at Heinz Field, but it doesn't take an RPI database to determine that seeing a MAC opponent slated for Week 5, then spending most of Week 5 worrying about whether or not said opponent will be afforded the proper respect, that isn't exactly the recipe for great galvanizing.

Plainly put, Pitt looks like a bored team.

With a bored base of fans and students.

With bored yellow seats, even, all 30,000, maybe 40,000 for any given game.

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