Sunday’s Best: Sunday night spotlight


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Maurkice Pouncey watches the Lions' intros from the sidelines. - MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

DETROIT — Shooting in a dome is such a different experience from being under the sun or under the lights.

There is no concern over rain or snow, the lighting is consistent and you can wear shorts at the end of October when it's 40 degrees.

Similarly to shooting hockey, dome lighting is typically consistent and even, from the 50-yard-line to the corners of the field, but it's not particularly dynamic or special.

The lighting in Detroit is no different. It's not dynamic, but it is definitely more even and bright than, say, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Being in a dome also allows the Lions to put on a bit more of a show when introductions are made. Plenty of teams use pyrotechnics — you can see the flames in the photo of Maurkice Pouncey above. But, being in a dome allows teams to use spotlights to put on more of an arena-like show.

Let's start at said spotlights and work our way through the Steelers' 20-15 win over the Lions:

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