Counting up to 1,000 Christmas gift subscriptions: 205

Merry Christmas!

OK, there are only six days to go, and it’s time to take care of the Pittsburgh sports fan in your life with a Christmas gift subscription to our site!

Here’s where to get yours …




• 1-year subscription
• 33% less than monthly
• Unlimited devices

Membership Never Expires.




• 3-year subscription
• Most popular level
• 52% less than monthly
• Unlimited devices

Membership Never Expires.




• 5-year subscription
• Hardcover book
• Autographed bookplate
• Logo sweatshirt
• Lunatic Brick
• Free shipping on all

Membership expires after 5 Years.

Our goal this year, as it was last year, is to sell 1,000 annual equivalents. By that measure, a one-year gift subscription equals one unit, a three-year Lunatic equals three, and a Lifetime Lunatic equals 10 because … well, good luck coming up with math that matches all of eternity.

So far, our count: 205

(It always starts slow. We’re all inherently procrastinators.)

We’ll update that number up there once a day, at midnight, as this is really important for us. The holiday season is just huge for this business, as we’ve learned over the years. We’d love to hit the 1,000 goal for this month, and we’d really love to push through that elusive 40,000 mark overall. We’re confident that, if the first happens, the second will, too, and that we’ll reach a whole new wave of readers.

We’re pushing all over conventional and social media, including through paid advertising, and our two resident staff artists are a big part of that.

Below is Rob Ullman’s Peanuts-inspired holiday e-card that we’ll offer to all gift recipients:


And below is Chris Benson’s very Benstonium-style video promotion, which, if we’re being honest, originally featured Phil Kessel inside the mummified hockey player, but then we decided we didn’t want to get sued, so, hey, it’s still awesome:

If you wish to print out a card with your gift, we’ve got several options, including three just for Christmas:

• Standard Christmas card
• Staff/Peanuts Christmas card
• Staff/Peanuts Christmas postcard
• Standard gift
• Birthday

Everything else you’d want to know:

• We don’t need any information on the gift recipient. You make a gift purchase, and you receive the gift redemption email. (Please do not enter the gift recipient’s information anywhere.) This way, you can customize the email and forward it to any gift recipient anytime you choose.

• All the recipient needs to do is click the link in the email you will forward to them, then easily create an account and click Submit. That’s it! They’re in!

• If the recipient already has an active subscription, yes, you can still buy them a gift that lengthens or upgrades their account. This has been a common request in the past. Follow all of the steps above, and we’ll simply apply your gift on top of their current account.

• The gift subscriptions will not auto-renew. When the recipient’s gift term has expired, they can renew on their own, but no, it won’t happen automatically.

If you have ANY questions about this, we’re very happy to help!

Email us: Help@DKPittsburghSports.com