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Site Stuff: PNC intensifies their support of our site

We’re proud of every business partnership we’ve got, large or small, local or outside Pittsburgh. But there’s something special about becoming associated with a brand that’s so big, so iconic in our city that the connection alone — simply being seen with them — makes us stronger.

Well, our friends at PNC, who signed up with us this past summer, just renewed our partnership through 2018 and did so at a level that … well, let’s just say it emphatically intensifies their commitment to what we’re doing.

We couldn’t be more ecstatic, even beyond the obvious that they were pleased with the return and response they got from being here. Because being connected to PNC, a local-yet-global institution that’s long been synonymous with strength and stability in the financial community … that helps us, on an infinitely smaller scale, send our own signal of strength and stability. To you, the readers. To our other business partners. And to potential newcomers on both fronts.


To that end, here’s what the renewed PNC partnership entails:

• Support for the extensive travel our staff does

• PNC Main Street Meetups, in Pittsburgh but also in the many road cities where PNC has a presence, as well as all others

• Partner logo on our app’s splash screen (The Rio Olympics app had one of these, which was where I got the idea to propose it)

• Partner theme with all our new Postgame videos that we’ve been doing on location from stadiums and arenas everywhere

• Partner support for our staff locator map

• Usage of various facilities at the amazing new Tower at PNC Plaza, including the filming of one Morning Java a month from the 28th floor deck overlooking Downtown

There’s actually much more coming, but that’ll have to wait until it’s all set. Suffice it to say there could be extra benefits to being a PNC customer.

Thanks, in particular, to our friends Mark Clemente and Pat Boston for their relentless, passionate support of our site, as well as all the other subscribers we’ve met inside the new Tower. We’ll work hard to keep earning your trust.


First us, then Boston, and now Denver!

The launch of, formally completed yesterday morning, raises the number of independent sports media companies using our platform to three, counting, of course, Boston Sports Journal and us. If you check out their site, you’ll see the very familiar platform but with a different set of teams, staffers and, in an interesting twist, priorities. And by that, I mean that they’ve got a heavy focus on podcasts and other multimedia. Which will be neat to watch.

So hey, welcome to our loosely connected world, guys!

Full credit, also, to Steve Bechtold, Alan Waldron and our Aspinwall-based developer Build In Motion for getting another media site/app off the ground smoothly, professionally and in short order.

More to come on this front. Much more.


My brother Zoran, who’s spent his adult life in Manhattan working in TV and film production, is crafting professional video bios for our staff members. Last week, we introduced the first of the 30-second videos for Matt Sunday, and now it’s Audrey Snyder’s turn:

Next week: Matt Gajtka.


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Our sales count is currently at 350 annual equivalents — a one-year subscription counts as one, a three-year as three and a Lifetime as 10 — toward our goal of 1,000 such units. That looks like it’s miles off, and it is, but we’re just a little behind the pace of last year, when we did (barely) get through 1,000 at the very end.

Can’t stress this enough: This time of year is as important to our business as it is to most. Roughly a quarter of our new subscriptions for the entire year are bought at Christmastime. So any falloff in that category affects the budget for the rest of the year.

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