Site Stuff: Back into the Grind

One of the more common complaints from readers are those lamenting the loss of my Tuesday Takes column.

I never take criticism like that for granted. I mean, consider the reverse: If I wrote any kind of regular feature, then stopped doing it and no one anywhere cared, that’d be a little worse, right?

Well, the complaints have been heard and, in fact, they were already addressed over the past full week in which I wrote five full Grind columns featuring an array of subject matter, all sports, local and national, quick hits, visuals, graphics … pretty much everything that TT offered, only five times more of it.

The compromise is that Grind was condensed to just weekdays to hit on what are by far our greatest readership days. The plan is to do most of these myself, though there are times that will be a challenge, and other staffers will contribute thoughts of their own. Given that there’s an excellent chance their stances on a subject will be different than mine, it can only add to the process.

If you’ve got any other ideas related to regular features — more or less, new or old — feel free to share in comments.


Hey, come and ask members of our staff your Live Qs in person at Wahlburger’s in the North Hills, this coming Friday, 8-10 p.m.! Here’s our event page if you want to give us a heads-up that you might make it!


South Korea would have represented the sixth Olympics I’d have covered, but our site isn’t going for the obvious reason that the NHL withdrew. I’ve mentioned that a few times in direct responses to readers, but it’s worth mentioning here, too.

The U.S. Olympic Committee had us credentialed, as always, and that’s appreciated. But they understood and were anything but surprised, as we were far from the only outlet that decided not to go after Gary Bettman decided that world-class hockey shown to the entire planet wouldn’t do much to burnish his league’s brand.

The Summer Games are different, as they tend to have a good many Pittsburgh athletes in various sports, as Rio 2016 powerfully illustrated when we were the only local outlet on hand to cover three of our region’s women winning gold medals. So maybe Beijing 2020 will be different. But PyeongChang so far has produced one participant with local ties — short-track speedskating — and we’d be making a massive investment of money and manpower to cover that one individual.


In this space last week, I wrote about our raised ambition for reaching potential new readers through our Facebook page and, my goodness, that certainly went well based on comparing this seven-day span over the previous seven-day span:


You actually can have the biggest impact here. If you see a post that suits you, give it a like or share or comment. By doing that even once, within Facebook’s algorithms, you immediately multiply the number of people who can see it. That sounds crazy, but that’s how it works.

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On that same note, I can’t offer enough kind words about the work of  our search-engine optimization ace, Jeremy Skillings of YouCanBeFound.com. He’s done extensive work on our site’s metrics to the outside world and offered a wealth of good advice on how to upgrade in that regard. He’s smart, prepared, imaginative and so much more.

Can’t recommend his company strongly enough. If you’re in need of SEO work, clicking the banner below will save you $300 on the service:


My brother Zoran, who’s spent his adult life in Manhattan working in TV and film production, is crafting professional video bios for our staff members. We’ve already introduced the first three of our 30-second videos for Matt Gajtka, Matt Sunday and Audrey Snyder, and now it’s Christopher Carter’s turn:

And here are the other three to date:


Speaking of videos, our anchor tenant in that regard, Morning Java, is available for sponsorship. It’s by far the most consistently popular production we offer — whether written or anything else — but our contract with GoToMeeting expired, and our longtime supporters there decided to make a general move away from regionalized advertising, so … hey, come and get it.

If you’re interested, email me directly: DK@DKPittsburghSports.com


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