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Site Stuff: Two changes atop our company

My wife, Dali Kovacevic, will basically take over the company, and our Steelers beat writer, Dale Lolley, will take on the additional role of editor in chief.

Dali Kovacevic, Dale Lolley

This will mark the last time I’ll be writing here as the voice of the company, as we’re making two significant changes at the very top:

1. My wife, Dali Kovacevic, will add staff management to her list of duties, in addition to all her existing business responsibilities. That means she’ll decide hiring and firing and other such matters, and she’ll also do the communicating with the staff. Basically, she’ll run the place completely.

2. Dale Lolley, our esteemed Steelers beat writer, will take on the additional role of editor in chief. That’s not a super-involved thing in this operation — our beat people are remarkably autonomous — but he’ll have final say in editorial matters. It won’t affect his NFL coverage in the slightest.

On my end, I’m just going to write columns. Probably more than ever under this plan. I’m excited about what both of these two have to offer the company, but honestly I’m that much more excited that I don’t have to do it. Mostly because I don’t think I’ve been very good at it.

Oh, and don’t conceive for even a millisecond this is cosmetic, though I’m sure a lot of skeptics will. Anyone who knows either of these two individuals knows they’ll take charge. (Although I’ve already been enlisted to help edit wife’s Site Stuff entries!)