Kovacevic: Hold some truths as self-evident, but sign up for all this defending, too


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The Flyers' Wayne Simmonds has a shot blocked by Chad Ruhwedel. - MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Kris Letang was trapped deep in his defensive zone, with one opponent in his face and both visible passing options taken away.

But this, he'd confide with me much later, was fine.

"There's always a way out," as he'd put it, "even when there isn't."

No doubt. Because this, my friends, was the best version of Letang. The one Mike Sullivan had urged on the morning of Game 6 in San Jose, in the form of two terribly blunt words: 'Just defend.' And when that's been his mentality, from the moment his NHL career was born in Pittsburgh, he's been mostly superb.

So yeah, there was bound to be an escape. And there was.

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