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We just spent the evening, Dejan and I, with Josh DeNinno, the general manager of Moon Golf Club, watching the Riverhounds' victory at Highmark Stadium. Josh has been a great friend to this venture for years, and it was fun to share experiences of running our respective businesses.

We're lucky to have gotten to know a lot of people like him, people who appreciate what we started here and, best of all, people who appreciate what we've been able to do for them.

In time for football and hockey seasons I decided to let everyone know what we have available for new partnerships, and we hope you consider the following options for your business: Teams that aren't fully committed to any exclusive partner are (some) Steelers, (some) Penguins, Pitt, Duquesne, Penn State, West Virginia. The (some) means that part of their inventory is available. We also are seeking partnerships for the following regular features: Buried Treasure, Carter's Classroom, Friday Insider, Stats 'N' At, Wilkes-Barre Watch, Wheeling Watch and the DK's Daily Shot podcast.

If you or your company are looking to connect with our large, passionate following, send me an email directly at Let's talk about it. Let's get together. We can help you grow your brand, increase awareness, sales and more.

Here is our updated media kit. for much more detail.


On the subject of Moon Golf Club, Josh decided to contribute 10 veteran gift subscriptions each month on behalf of the course. It's a cause that's personally important to him, and he's hoping others will follow suit.

If yesterday was any indication, they will. Dejan wrote in yesterday's What's Brewing that our veteran gift subscriptions fund had dropped to minus 10, meaning we had 10 more requests than we had contributions. By noon, that fund was at plus 4, thanks to 14 quick contributions. And by midnight, it was at plus-14!

We had 24 bought in a single day!

Thank you all so much for joining us in this cause we are so passionate about.

We also received this email to the Help account that we were asked to share:

Thanks for featuring this program.  As a veteran, I am happy to see others do things to show appreciation for the service and sacrifices our Armed services give.

I have one special request, if it is not too much to ask. I know the subscription goes into a pool, and whoever requests it next gets it, and I am OK with that.  Since I was in the Army, I would love for the next Army vet to get a note saying that old guys like me that were in the Army long ago (most likely before these new vets were born) appreciate the service of the younger generation, and we are proud of them.

Thanks again for this program, and thanks for building a site I am excited to share with loved ones!

Stephen Johnson

U.S. Army, 1986-94

Pittsburgh Sports Fan for Life

Overall, our readers have connected 167 military veterans with free subscriptions since restructuring the program in May. Anyone who's served in our Armed Forces can request a subscription by filling out this form.


One last note on business partnerships, and it's good news: GetGo has extended its contract with us through the end of 2018. We met with their representatives recently in Cleveland, and they told us they were thrilled with the reach we've offered them. This is a really big one for us.


You might have seen that we've been running promotions for, the industry's preeminent sports merchandising outlet, both here on the site/app and on social media. There's a reason: Our partnership is such that we earn a percentage off every sale that goes through us.

This could become a nice area of growth for us, as we already offer a connection between Pittsburgh sports fans and their favorite teams. So we'll be featuring this in a more permanent, prominent place on the home page soon.

With that, though not right away, we'll be adding our own store of products related to the site. More on that soon. -- Dejan


On the tech front:

• A reader suggested last week that we move TODAY'S GAMES to the top of the home page. It was just one reader, but the reasoning offered -- primarily that no one wants to thumb too deep down the app for a live event -- was so sound that I did it immediately. So there. -- Dejan

• The ongoing project to address logins/alerts -- one that's supposed to also cure most of the Android crashes -- took another step forward this week with us being issued test apps. It's complicated, and we're told it'll take at least three weeks of testing. But hey, this isn't one we can mess up. -- Dejan

• If you haven't tried it yet, our Live Feed can be found on both our Apple and Android apps -- those respective links are right here -- by tapping the lightning bolt at the bottom right corner. If you're on a desktop, laptop or mobile browser, it's now got its own space up in the blue menu bar under the heading LIVE. Or bookmark it right here. -- Dejan


• Subscriptions are at 37,789. That's plus-19 over the past week.

• We had 559,985 page views over the past week. Our most-hit article was DK's column on the Steelers cutting Landry Jones at 14,020. Our most visited team pages were, in order: Steelers (38.8 percent) Penguins (19.6), Pirates (14.3), Pitt (7.5), Penn State (4.6), West Virginia (1.01), and all the rest below 1.0.

• We're at 29,212 (+11) page likes on Facebook, we're at 28,608 (+38) followers on Twitter, and we're at 8,963 (+10) followers on Instagram. These figures are just for our official company account on each platform, not for us as individuals.

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