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Site Stuff: Buy a gift, get Ullman’s book!

In an era where cartoonists of all kinds are an endangered species, we've long been proud to have one of the country's best, Rob Ullman, as part of our staff. In addition to his weekly Cartoon Canon feature, he does a lot of promo work for us and, of course, those caricatures of us you can find on our PNC Staff Locator map and other places.

Well, we're about to take that a whole lot further.

Many of you will know of Rob's brilliant 'Old Timey Hockey Tales' series of historical anecdotes from NHL history, the third edition of which was released just recently. (With a special Patric Hornqvist variant cover, to boot!) I've bought all three, and they're absolutely beautiful:

[caption id="attachment_697023" align="aligncenter" width="640"] ROB ULLMAN / DKPS[/caption]

Which got me to thinking that we could easily hook up on this sort of thing, right?

So, beginning with the publication of this very Site Stuff, we're offering all our subscribers a way to get Rob's work while also supporting what he does and what we do here, and it goes like this:

• If you buy an annual gift subscription, you also get the third issue of 'Old-Timey Hockey Tales' with the special Hornqvist cover and free shipping!

• If you buy a Lunatic or three-year gift subscription, you get all three issues of 'Old-Timey Hockey Tales’, including the issue with the special Hornqvist cover and free shipping!

If you choose to keep the books and give away just the gift subscription, that's your call. The books will be mailed directly to you, with zero charge for shipping. Make sure you enter your address.

That's it. Super-easy.

If you have any questions at all, as ever, I'll be down in the comments to answer.


The big story surrounding the Steelers -- and perhaps the sports world -- this week was Antonio Brown and why he didn't show up for a team film session Monday. This after insinuating on Twitter he might want to be traded. It was everywhere when you turned on the TV or radio, regardless of whether it was a local or national broadcast. And we were there at ground zero.

Now, at no time did I ever think Brown wanted to be traded. But we had to cover the story. It had to be the focus of our coverage this week. That's just the way things work. It was a hot topic. We had to cover it. He was, after all, a player voted in a poll of his peers as the second-best player in the NFL this past offseason. He's on the cover of Madden 19, for goodness sakes.

I get that some people might have gotten sick of the story. Trust me, so was I, especially considering the Steelers have a big game this week.

But it's our job to bring you all of the news. That's part of what we do. -- Dale Lolley


You might have seen that we've been running Steelers-based promotions for, the industry's preeminent sports merchandising outlet, both here on the site/app and on social media. There's a reason: Our partnership is such that we earn a percentage of every sale that goes through us.

We're hardly limited to Steelers, though: As you can see above, our arrangement offers Penguins, Pirates, Pitt, Penn State, Duquesne and pretty much everything under the sun. And if you go through the link we offer, it's just like buying right from us.

We'll soon be featuring this in a more permanent, prominent place on the home page, as well as our own store of products related to the site. More on that within a couple weeks. -- Dejan


• We've heard from a few readers complaining about some obnoxious ad that occasionally takes over the whole screen on a mobile device. That's obviously not something we'd condone. The problem's been confined to mobile browsers, meaning Safari, Chrome, etc., and we're looking into it. But the best thing we can suggest -- for a ton of reasons -- is to use the app. It offers so, so much more than the mobile browser, not least of which is our new Live Feed. And it's free. Get yours right here:

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• We let commenters know this week that we don't want any political statements being made in usernames or avatars. Those who had been doing that changed theirs right away, and that's appreciated. Plenty enough places for that sort of thing. Our readers have told us they don't want it here, so we don't have it.

• One reader -- just one, because sometimes that's all it takes -- suggested last week that we move our live game coverage to the top of the site for easier access. It was a really good idea, and it was done an hour later. -- Dejan


Here is what we have available for sponsorships: (Some) Steelers, (some) Penguins, Pitt, Duquesne, Penn State, West Virginia, Buried Treasure, Carter's Classroom, Friday Insider, Stats 'N' At, Wilkes-Barre Watch, Wheeling Watch and the DK's Daily Shot podcast. This is our updated media kit for much more detail. If you're interested in connecting with our large, passionate following, email me at -- Dali Kovacevic


Our Veterans Gift Subscriptions pool is at plus-7, following a Friday in which two were claimed -- Tim from the Army, Scott from the Air Force -- and none bought. We're obviously in good shape. If you'd like to contribute at any point, that can happen right here. Overall, our readers have connected 181 military veterans with free subscriptions since the program was restructured in May. And, as ever, anyone who's served in our Armed Forces can request a subscription by filling out this form.


• Subscriptions are at 37,694. That's minus-56 over the past week.

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