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Site Stuff: Come meet our staff Tuesday!


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For years, we've had subscriber meetups in cities across North America. And occasionally, we've been remiss in having enough right here at home.

So, let's fix that.

We're having a Miller Lite on-location Q&A session Tuesday night -- my birthday, coincidentally -- at Walter's Southern Kitchen in Lawrenceville. The date is Oct. 9, and the sessions will run from 7-9 p.m. Taylor Haase made a Facebook event with all the details and, if you're interested in going, there's a place there to let us know.

I'll be there, along with my wife Dali, and our staffers there will include Chris Carter, Matt Sunday, Chris Bradford, Cody Tucker and Matt Grubba. It's a new restaurant/bar in the most booming section of the city, the menu looks amazing, and 16-ounce Lite drafts are just $3 all night. We'll answer your questions, shake hands and give out Lunatic Bricks and other fun stuff.

Seriously, come on down. No charge, no catch.


We've got a community at this site, and we love it that way. We actually are a community. One reason people come here is for the interaction they can have with other fans and the journalists who cover their favorite teams.

But please understand that we are all also human. We have lives and families beyond the business -- even if it doesn't always seem like it given the hours we keep. And sometimes, life things come up. There are illnesses, family issues and other events we have to deal with. It happens to everyone. Often times, they crop up at inopportune times and are beyond our control. That's why they are called emergencies.

So when you don't see one of us covering a certain trip or going a couple of days without being around, please understand that for privacy's sake, we're not always going to broadcast what's going on. If we have something significant to announce, we've always announced it, many times right here in this very space.

But when we don't, please trust the person you're asking about has something going on and will be back ASAP. -- Dale Lolley


Check out the new show Late Night Tailgate, a combined live comedy and spirited sports discussion coming to the Byham Theater, Downtown, on Oct. 17. Our friends at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust created the code DKFAN just for our readers. Click the image below to get tickets and save $5 with the code:

Let me know down in comments if you've got any questions. -- Dali Kovacevic


• Readers have let us know that they'd like a longer opportunity to check out some of our weekly features. In a lot of cases, those would completely disappear off the home page at 11:59 p.m. the same day. So I've added an extra row to the Weekly Features portion of the home page that adds the previous three pieces. The one today will have, for example, this Site Stuff at the top, then three smaller boxes for Carter's Classroom, Cartoon Canon and Stats 'N' At.

• Our new login/alert system is sort of in place. It's being tested by Build In Motion in the background but on real devices, and it'll eventually be done across the board. The aim of this fix is to have readers logging in less often, but it's also supposed to dramatically cut down on Android crashes. We're crossing fingers on both counts.

• Can't stress this enough, but use the app. It's where we put almost all of our tech resources, it's got the best version of our Live Feed, and it's free:

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Currently available for sponsorships: (Some) Steelers, (some) Penguins, Pitt, Duquesne, Penn State, West Virginia, Buried Treasure, Carter's Classroom, Friday Insider, Stats 'N' At, Wilkes-Barre Watch, Wheeling Watch and the DK's Daily Shot podcast. This is our updated media kit for much more detail. If you're interested in connecting with our large, passionate following, email me at -- Dali


• Our Veterans Gift Subscriptions pool dipped to minus-3 following a Friday in which two were claimed -- Shawn from the Air Force, John from the Army -- and one bought. (Thank you!) If you'd like to contribute, that can happen right here. Overall, our readers have connected 193 military veterans with free subscriptions since the program was restructured in May. And, as ever, anyone who's served in our Armed Forces can request a subscription by filling out this form.


• Subscriptions are at 37,593. That's minus-48 over the past week.

• We had 519,982 page views over the past week. Our most-hit article -- exempting live files and DK columns -- was Chris Bradford's Friday Insider lede on the NFL labor situation at 6,784. Our most visited team pages were, in order: Penguins (48.3 percent), Steelers (27.9) Pirates (11.1), Pitt (6.4), Penn State (3.7), and all the rest below 1.0.

• We're at 29,217 (-3) page likes on Facebook, we're at 28,812 (+62) followers on Twitter, and we're at 9,003 (-1) followers on Instagram. These figures are just for our official company account on each platform, not for us as individuals.

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