Courtesy of Moon Golf Club

View from Ice Level: Frownie Phil

During a game, I take a variety of photographs that may never see publication on this website, Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram.

But, I love to have a photo for just about any situation ... so I take them and edit more of them than I should -- the photo of Phil Kessel that leads this Sunday's Best-like View from Ice Level is a perfect example of such a photograph.

When I noticed Kessel talking with linesman Michael Cormier, I started snapping away. At first, it was just because I like to have photos of players talking to officials for when they're needed. But then, Kessel started contorting his face in Jim Carrey-like ways (not the former goaltender, obviously).

That's when he flipped his face into a Tom Wilson-like frown when rejecting advances by Jamie Oleksiak circa spring of 2018.

And, well, that face -- a face taken just in case it fit a future narrative -- just happened to fit the Penguins' night.

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