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Sunday’s Best: Perfectly timed photography ☕

We've all seen the articles on BuzzFeed or any other aggregate, gossip or "list" site. The headline reads, "25 perfectly timed photos you wouldn't believe. Number three will blow your mind!"

If you've never clicked on one (let's be honest, it's amusing to do so every now and then), the gist is that elements of the photo line up to look like something else. Hot dogs become legs, two bodies look like one, someone looks like they have four arms and Trevor Williams mergers his face with Ray Searage to make it look like Searage is wearing a Phantom of the Opera-like mask.

Ok, full disclosure, that last one is mine.

I always try to keep an eye on injured players in the dugout whenever I'm shooting -- there's never a shortage of reasons to have them on hand. Status updates, returning to lineup, etc., it's just a good idea. So, when I noticed Searage talking with Williams, I figured I'd shoot it for when I'd need photos of the latter.

From my angle, Searage was barely visible behind Williams' face, and he was peering at his pitcher from a single visible eye. I thought it made a neat, artsy image, and thought it would be fun to have in the archive if I ever needed one of the two talking.

What I ended up with is this image where their faces became a single photograph. Williams' mouth outlines Searage's lips. Their hats dissolve into a single entity. The curve of Williams' nose matches up with Searage's, looking like a shadowy side of the same nose. Williams' eye is close enough to look like it could belong to Searage. His beard falls away into the dark color of Searage's jacket.

Honestly, it messed with my eyes and my mind when I stumbled on it in the camera well.

That's the first image up top in this week's set of best images. I tried to strike my luck again Saturday during the Riverhounds' draw with Charlotte by getting lightning in the background of a soccer photo, but this was all I could muster:

[caption id="attachment_832449" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] MATT SUNDAY / DKPS[/caption]

Oh, what could have been with a good strike or something actually happening in the photo in front of the lightning. Oh well ... next time there's lightning regularly striking behind a professional soccer game being played.

As always, the rest of the week's favorites and bests can be seen behind the one of Searage and Williams. See you guys and gals in the comments.

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