Kovacevic: Camp Kumbaya, worst rainout ever, trusting J.R. on Phil ☕️


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Ryan Switzer makes a catch Tuesday at minicamp. - MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

The Steelers haven't achieved a thing. As Mike Tomlin wonderfully worded it Tuesday at the Rooney Complex upon the opening of minicamp, "We're all undefeated, untied, un-scored-upon this time of year. It's the journey that'll define us."

I hear people deride Tomlin as 'Coach Cliché,' but he's actually the antithesis of clichéd. That up there is an original thought, originally expressed. The man even found a way to sneak the Cleveland tie into the sentiment, for anyone paying close attention.

The sentiment was also correct, of course. To an extent.

Nothing matters until kickoff at Foxborough. That's indisputable. No incredible catches or injury rehabs. No rookie with two picks in a day. No hype for new veteran arrivals. Nothing Chris Boswell boots or bungles. Not even Ben Roethlisberger defiantly stating "We're still the Pittsburgh Steelers," when Hunter Homistek asked Tuesday how he felt about the team being defined as an underdog.

Here's what does count: The slate's clean.

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