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Carter’s Classroom: Villanueva vs. Garrett ☕


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Alejandro Villanueva - MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Myles Garrett represents one of the biggest threats to the Steelers over the next several years. The 2017 No. 1 overall pick has played three games against the Steelers and has had 10 tackles, four sacks and three forced fumbles.

So looking at those numbers, that must mean Garrett owns Alejandro Villanueva, right?

Wrong. Villanueva struggled at times, but his past two seasons have been some of the best work of a Steelers' left tackle in a long time. Villanueva has mostly nullified Garrett when they've been matched up, and their rivalry is one all fans should keep an eye on for both games in 2019.

Let's hit the film and break it down:

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