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Reynolds just keeps doing Reynolds things ☕


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Bryan Reynolds lifts his two-run walkoff single into left field Wednesday night at PNC Park. - AP

It was the Bryan Reynolds show Wednesday night at PNC Park. He made two diving catches in the field to help keep the Pirates in the game and eventually ended it with a walkoff single to beat the Marlins, 6-5.

He had ice in his veins, and thanks to Melky Cabrera's celebration, in his hair, too.

Be sure to feature this one in his final rookie of the year campaign dossier. The Pirates trailed most of the game, but they hung around long enough to, as Trevor Williams put it, "Let Bryan Reynolds do Bryan Reynolds things."

"Tonight was really everything that we were seeing all year really coming to manifestation," Williams said. " ... Defensively, with his arm, with his bat and being clutch at the end of the ballgame."

Well, that is not entirely true. This was his first walk-off hit. A new Bryan Reynolds thing, if you will.

"I always like to be in those situations," Reynolds said of batting in the clutch. "I've had it a few times this year. Haven't gotten the job done, so it's nice to finally get it done this time."

And he did it all manning center field, a position he had not played since June 16. Starling Marte was given a breather Wednesday, so Reynolds slid over to what he calls his "natural position."

"I've always had a lot of fun out there," Reynolds said. "You get truer reads on the ball and more chances to dive."

Reynolds had plenty of chances to dive. Once to his right ...

... and once to his left.

For the record, he said he preferred the catch to his right because he got to extend further.

Clint Hurdle offered a baseball adage to explain why he was so involved on defense: A guy moves to a new spot, the ball finds him. Those adages are around for a reason, you know.

On a night where the Pirates made miscues in the field and batted 2 for 10 with runners in scoring position, Reynolds got his team back into the win column after a rough late loss the previous night to the National League's worst team.

"I feel like we've always been picking each other up," Reynolds said. "Something happens, the next guy up is gonna find a way to get the job done."

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