Baldinger loves Bush’s game: ‘This guy’s a freaking cobra’


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Devin Bush. – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Former NFL offensive lineman and current NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger can't contain his excitement when Devin Bush flashes across his screen.

During his latest #BaldysBreakdown — an ongoing series on Twitter in which he breaks down key plays and moments from the week's action across the NFL — Baldinger dives into the Steelers vs. Chargers tape.

"I don't care what the record of the Steelers [is]," Baldinger begins. "I like watching them play football. That Devin Bush? He's not a middle linebacker. This guy is a freaking cobra. Look at this guy's strike. Everything that moves — bam!"

Baldinger runs the tape, bringing a high-energy breakdown of what Bush does so well. He picked a good game to analyze, too, as Bush was named the AFC's Defensive Player of the Week for his seven-tackle, one-interception, one-fumble-recovery-for-a-touchdown effort on Sunday night against the Chargers. Besides the hits and the splash plays, Baldinger seems impressed by Bush's overall knowledge of the Steelers defense so early into his career.

"I like Devin Bush, and I like watching him play football," Baldinger said. "The guy's taking control, learning the NFL game. He's roaming the middle here for the Steelers, and he's making life difficult for the [Chargers]. Melvin Gordon wants to cut back? Meet 'The Cobra.'"

Watch Baldinger's full breakdown right here, then chime in below in the comments section on this: Do you like 'The Cobra' nickname for Bush? Personally, I kinda dig it.

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