Rooney on game’s finish: ‘It is a shame’

Art Rooney II isn't pleased with the ending of the Steelers' 21-7 loss to the Browns on Thursday night in Cleveland.

And for good, obvious reasons.

With seconds to go in the fourth quarter, Myles Garrett tackled Mason Rudolph after Rudolph slung a pass to Trey Edmunds. Garrett took Rudolph to the ground, where a scuffle ensued. Rudolph grabbed at Garrett's helmet and appeared to attempt to kick Garrett off of him, then Garrett removed Rudolph's helmet and swung it at his head.

David DeCastro, meanwhile, attempted to diffuse the situation by tying up with Garrett and taking him to the turf, while Maurkice Pouncey entered full defense mode upon seeing Rudolph hit in the head by his own helmet, hitting Garrett with multiple punches and landing a kick toward Garrett's head as he was on the ground.

It was ugly. Nothing about it resembled football.

And Rooney isn't happy about it, either.

In the statement, Rooney says he is "disappointed" in the event and that "The actions of the players involved were not something that should be a part of any football game."

He continued, saying, "Our players, coaches and everyone in the Steelers organization understand that we must always maintain composure, no matter what happens. After a hard-fought game between two rivals, it is a shame that the game ended that way."

Garrett received an indefinite suspension that will keep him out for the rest of the 2019 regular season and postseason, while Pouncey received a three-game suspension. Larry Ogunjobi also received a one-game suspension for pushing Rudolph from behind during the fracas.

Both Pouncey and Garrett will appeal their suspensions.

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