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AB ordered to undergo mental health evaluation

Antonio Brown made his first court appearance Friday wearing an anti-suicide smock.

The garment, sometimes called a suicide gown or Bam Bam suit, is noose-proof and is rugged and tough, specifically designed to prevent hospitalized or incarcerated persons from killing themselves.

Besides the striking visual of Brown showing up to court wearing the smock, Fox Sports' Andy Slater reported that the former NFL receiver was also ordered to wear a GPS monitor, to surrender his passport and to undergo a mental health evaluation.

ESPN's Cameron Wolfe added that the smock is standard-issue for celebrity cases like Brown's due to the "sudden shock" of incarceration. Wolfe also reported Brown would need to surrender his guns and also undergo drug and alcohol testing in addition to the mental health evaluation.

This all follows a long week for Brown and local Florida authorities. The incident began when Brown and trainer Glen Holt battered a moving truck driver at Brown's Hollywood, Fla., home, resulting in the immediate arrest of Holt on charges of battery and burglary.

Police sought the same for Brown, but he holed himself up in his house, locking the doors and preventing police from reaching him. While authorities initially held out hope Brown would surrender peacefully, they obtained a warrant for his arrest, forcing Brown to eventually turn himself in Thursday evening.

Per the 911 call obtained by TMZ from the moving truck driver, Brown was "high" and "throwing stones" during the incident at his home.

It appears Brown is headed for some sort of resolution with the latest court order. Chelsie Kyriss, the mother of Brown's three youngest children, recently published a heartfelt post to Instagram imploring Brown to seek help. Now, the court is making that mandatory.

Here's to hoping it all results in a positive outcome.


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