NHL, all teams except Rangers release statements condemning racism


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The NHL on Sunday night released a statement addressing the nationwide protests and discussions over racial inequality sparked by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

"As protests in both the United States and Canada in recent days have focused attention upon racial justice for the Black community, the NHL stands with all those who are working to achieve a racially just society, and against all those who perpetuate and uphold racism, hatred, bigotry and violence," the statement read. "We share the sentiments expressed by our players and Clubs in their calls for justice, and we encourage everyone to use their platforms and privilege for systemic change. In our own sport, we will continue to do better and work diligently toward culture change throughout hockey and endeavor to be mindful of our own shortcomings in this process."


The NHL Coaches' Association released its own statement on Monday:

"The NHL Coaches’ Association wishes to express our deepest condolences and sympathies to the family and friends of George Floyd, who was senselessly killed in the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota. His death has shocked, horrified and angered people across North America and around the world. Our coaches are equally appalled by the images we have all seen.

"As leaders of our teams and in our communities, we recognize that silence in the face of systemic racism in our society is unacceptable. We add our voices to those condemning racist behavior wherever it is found, whether among law enforcement officials, within the world of sport, and across our public institutions more broadly. We are committed to working with all those who want positive change and all those committed to eradicating racism in all its forms."


All teams in the the NHL with the exception of the Rangers have released similar statements. The Penguins became the 24th team to release a statement of their own when they released theirs on Monday evening.


"We support the fight against racism and hatred along with peaceful protests to bring awareness to this critical issue in our society. We urge those demonstrating to do so in a non-violent manner, so the focus can remain where it should — on equality all across America. Together, we stand against racism."


"We are all ONE PACK and our community means everything to us. We condemn racism, bigotry, violence, and prejudice and embrace our responsibility to all communities of color to not stay silent. We are committed to being a part of the solution to drive positive change that is long overdue. We can and must do better TOGETHER."


"Black lives matter. Bigotry, ignorance and senseless violence in any and all forms is wrong. We are a hockey club, and sometimes it is hard to know when, where and how to comment on issues that challenge the freedom and well-being of our community. We want to be honest and we want to be accountable and we want to be leaders.

"The abhorrent murder of George Floyd and similar events cannot be tolerated. We want to be part of change and we will lead with our actions. That has always started with treating all people with dignity and respect."


"We are saddened and angered by the actions of those involved in the senseless killing of George Floyd. We stand with and will continue to work with those dedicated to eradicating racism and inequality. We stand with those peacefully protesting. We stand against those who are motivated by hatred and violence. We pray for the victims and their families and ask you to join us to help foster a community that is focused on love and equality."


"Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation denounces racism in all forms and is committed to equality. Sports can play a role in raising awareness and helping to bring all people together in these difficult times. We stand with our fans, players, staff and their families and offer our support."


"It breaks our hearts to see the acts of racism, violence and bigotry that are far too prevalent in our society today. Today and every day we pledge to listen to black communities, and take action to support them. We have not done enough to fight for a world where humans are treated equally. We have a platform. One that is intended to bring our community together. It is our turn to listen. To learn. To help."


"The events over the past several days have been painful for our city of Chicago and the many communities within it. There is no tolerance for racism and inequality in our city and society. We need to educate ourselves, have more honest conversations and acknowledge that we have a lot of work to do, beginning with our own organization. Chicago has been our home since 1926, and we need to work harder to build a more equitable Chicago for all of our citizens. We owe it to ourselves, our city, all of our residents and our next generation.

"Our thoughts are with the family of George Floyd and the many others who have experienced similar devastating losses. Our thoughts are also with the many hardworking people and small businesses who have suffered over the past several days. We need to work together to move forward as One Community. The Chicago Blackhawks remain committed to that."


"Our nation is in mourning and in pain as we continue to struggle with the persistent legacy of racism and racial inequality. So often, sports have played a critical role in binding and integrating societies. During some of America’s darkest days, sports have provided a source of light. From Jesse Owens to Jackie Robinson to Muhammad Ali, selfless and courageous athletes have opened our hearts, eyes and minds. Embracing diversity and accommodating difference to create a symphonic whole, marks a core virtue of any team.

"It is our deepest hope that these horrific events unite us and start honest and difficult discourse on eradicating
hate. Each of us has a role to play in realizing Dr. Martin Luther King’s long-deferred dream. We will continue to work with civil rights groups, community activists, government leaders, our players and staff during this uncertain time. Meanwhile, our thoughts are with the Floyd family. They are also with all Americans who feel as though their voice and dignity has been compromised by intolerance."


"The Columbus Blue Jackets strongly condemn racism, bigotry and intolerance. We stand with those who peacefully seek an end to the injustices caused by such divisive thinking. We call upon ourselves and all members of our community to come together to promote meaningful and lasting change. This can be achieved if all of us, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic class, are resolved to work together with understanding, empathy, honesty and respect."


"Human rights are not optional. They need to be equal for all and they need to be protected. Seeing the injustice directed towards the black community, it is evident that there is a lot of work to do in this regard. The Dallas Stars stand with those using their voice in peaceful protest, striving for equality and justice. We are committed towards building a more inclusive, just, loving and peaceful world. Enough is enough. It is time to listen. It is time to be the change. Help end racism. There’s no place for it."


"We stand for equality, justice and respect for all. We believe in diversity and inclusion, and condemn hatred, racism, prejudice and violence. Working together we can drive meaningful, lasting, positive change."


"Oilers Entertainment Group is resolute in condemning racism and injustice. We join those affected by senseless violence and heartily support those who protest peacefully. We cannot ignore the issues of inequality in our society, they are real and must be confronted. In this time of hurt and pain, we cannot turn away or defer to others. We must all be a voice for change, a voice for those marginalized in our communities. Let’s stand together against racism and injustice at all levels. Let's all be role models. Let's all make a difference. Together. As one."


"Our community is strongest when we are one. Racism, bigotry, hatred and violence have no place in our community and together we stand in unity against injustice. We stand in solidarity with the Black community and support efforts to end systemic racism. Together we are committed to fostering an environment where we can come together as one."


"The LA Kings are united against racism and acts of hatred toward others. Our voice is here to support the Black community and condemn these injustices. Now is the time to raise the volume peacefully. Enough racism. Enough senseless violence. ENOUGH."


The Minnesota Wild is deeply saddened by the death of George Floyd on Monday night. Everyone in cur community deserves the right to feel safe and protected. These times call for our community to come together and not be divisive. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends of George Floyd."


"The Montreal Canadiens would like to express our support for the peaceful protests that have taken place following the death of George Floyd. Like everyone, we were horrified by the images of this heinous and despicable crime. Violence and racism need to stop, and as an organization we have always been committed to doing our part to share our fundamental values of inclusion and respect. We will continue being a part of this fight."


"We are all hurting now. Our building serves as a place of healing and unifying our community and that is needed once again. The past few days and far too often there are examples of extreme racism that elicit strong emotions in every community. We need to come together as a community, to have the conversations and take the steps necessary to stop racism in every form. We all need, expect, and demand equality and justice for all. The peaceful protests that turn into violence show the pain, raw emotion and anger surrounding this plague on our city and country.

"We need to channel these passions, emotions, and anger and frustration into solutions that allow us to peacefully create needed action that produces an outcome for a truly equitable society. We stand ready to engage, participate and lead with others of all backgrounds and influence to identify solutions and move our community forward. Everyone has a role to play in bringing about needed changes and we look forward to joining the conversations to affect positive change.



"The racism, prejudice and injustice faced by the black community and people of color is unacceptable and has no place in our society. We must take it upon ourselves to support one another and strive towards greater accountability. The only way we will be able to address these important issues is to work together as a unified community and commit to the change that must happen. We understand that the New Jersey Devils and Prudential Center are important communal assets and we are committed to using that stature to promote meaningful changes in our communities and in our country. #WeAreOne"


"We condemn racism and injustice and stand with all affected by senseless violence. We must come together, treating each other with empathy, dignity, and respect. The New York Islanders endorse the NHL's statement, which includes: 'In our own sport, we will continue to do better and work diligently toward culture change throughout hockey and endeavor to be mindful of our own shortcomings in this process.' To the brave officers who go to work every day seeing the human being and not the color of one's skin, we thank you for protecting us."


"The death of George Floyd is both senseless and tragic. It would be easy to pretend there isn’t a problem and that tragedies like this won't happen again. However, until we decide to do something as a people, real change won't be possible. For our children and future generations, it's not time to pretend, it's time for change. Let's be part of the solution. Listen. Learn. Understand."


"We don’t have the answers, but this much we know... We believe in racial equality without exception, and our hearts are broken. For Philadelphia and the nation, we join the chorus calling for justice, the elimination of systemic racism, unity, and peace."


“This has been a horrible time for our country and our city. We all are appalled by senseless violence and share the outrage that racism and social injustice continue to permeate our society. The killing of Mr. Floyd impacted us all. Moving forward from this moment, and after the violence that took place in our own city on Saturday, we must work together to ensure that we always treat each other with dignity, respect, and a spirit of understanding. Let’s all be better together. Starting right now.”


"There is no room for racism in society. We applaud Evander (Kane) for his rational and thoughtful response to the recent terrible tragedy. Events like this occur way too often. We all must find a way to do better."


"We know racial inequities exist within our society, and we will not be silent in the face of racial injustice. We will use our platform to facilitate these difficult, but necessary conversations and to be a partner in the fight against systemic racism."


"The St. Louis Blues and St. Louis Cardinals stand united in support of racial equality for all and with those who march peacefully to highlight and protest racism, bigotry and violence. There is no place for intolerance in our society. We also stand with those who work every day to better society and with those who honorably wear the uniform as they protect and serve all of us. We will continue to work together as One Nation and ask that all of our supporters join us in redoubling our efforts to give back and support the community we love."


"Vinik Sports Group and the Tampa Bay Lightning do not condone racism or social injustice of any kind. We pride ourselves on being a family of individuals possessing great compassion for one another, the Tampa Bay community and our entire nation.

"We aim to support all of our fellow citizens and bridge the gaps that exist between us with love, hope and faith. As we look forward to the process of healing, we strive to use our platforms to promote healthy discussion and action, inspiring societal change."


"All of our collective hearts were broken as we watched the senseless murder of George Floyd, as well as the pain and frustration displayed in protests that followed across the globe. Together, we need to do more to not only speak out against racism when we witness it, but commit ourselves to anti-racist efforts in the long run to ensure its defeat once and for all. Change is needed and, as leaders in our sport and community, the Toronto Maple Leafs are deeply committed to doing our part to help eradicate all forms of bigotry and racism."


"We stand with all of you who condemn racism, hatred, bigotry and violence. We live in one of the most diverse, multicultural places in the world, yet racism exists here too. Be kind and be understanding. We can do better. We are all in this together. We can be a positive force for change. We invite you to join us in sharing the #DifferentTogether pledge on social media, and encouraging others to take part."

Pledge: "Our B.C. is inclusive and respects people of all ethnicities, cultures and faiths and their contributions to our collective well-being. Our B.C. holds diversity as a fundamental value at the heart of the success, strength and resilience of our communities, workplaces, schools, public and private institutions. I pledge to uphold and promote these values and I commit to speaking up to oppose racism and hate in all its forms."


The Vegas Golden Knights vehemently condemn racism in all its forms. Prejudice, violence and bigotry have no place in our society. We understand significant reforms are needed in order to create lasting, meaningful change that will end the systemic discrimination and injustices that have existed for far too long. We firmly stand in solidarity with all of those who peacefully seek to inspire this change.

"We believe in protecting those who are unable to protect themselves. We are committed to working with all our neighbors -- regardless of race, creed, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic class -- to help unite or community and or nation together as one."


"The death of George Floyd, and many other Black Americans, is unconscionable. We believe that there needs to be action and leadership to tackle and address the social injustices and inequities in systemic racism. We stand together knowing there is more to be done."


"As many communities across North America struggle profoundly with racial injustice, True North Sports + Entertainment lends its voice to condemn racism and violence during this difficult time. We support and stand by our captain, Blake Wheeler for his leadership and courage to express his point of view. Together, with one voice, we recognize more work needs to be done to end racism for all minority communities, and we remain committed to work closely with our community to continue to move forward."

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