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Sunday’s Best: Rock ‘n rollercoaster

CLEVELAND — T.J. Watt sprinted straight toward me with his arms out and mouth agape. He passed his bench of fellow Steelers, passed his coaches, passed midfield without collecting $200, and he left Zane Gonzalez behind to mourn the kick that No. 90 blocked.

Watt's block was the final turn on the day's rollercoaster and capped off a dramatic several minutes which saw each team come up empty when it had a chance at the win. A missed Chris Boswell field goal, a strip-sack-turned-interception thrown by Ben Roethlisberger and then Watt's block. This after turnovers and short Cleveland drives tied the game at 21 after a 21-7 Steelers' lead.

Surely the block cemented a good look at the AFC's defensive player of the week honor for Week 1 — something Watt likely already earned with his 11 tackles (eight solo), four sacks, four tackles for loss and impressive high-kick celebrations.

Whether Watt wins the award or not will be determined in the future, and not by me, but he receives the award of leading off Week 1's Sunday's Best with the rest of the game's favorites set to follow. That much I can control.

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