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View from the Dugout: A hard focus on hits? Nah

The goal is to always provide an unbiased look into games that I cover, but there will always be a Pittsburgh slant because of the nature of who we are -- a company that covers the Pittsburgh teams. That doesn't mean I try and portray the home (or road, when traveling) team as better, it just means that I spend more time shooting the guys in black and gold more than the other ones.

Because of that, I don't always have some of the opposing, story-telling action. I shoot one period of visiting offense in hockey games. I tend to shoot the soccer attack from the Riverhounds' perspective most minutes I'm there. I shoot football from a perspective where I get the Steelers' faces whether they're on offense or defense ... most of the time.

Baseball is a little trickier. I shoot the pitchers, I shoot some batters, I shoot scoring players. I don't often have the swing of the bat on a home run unless it's a Christian Yelich or a Bryce Harper in town. I spend time pre-focusing on Pirates' field players hoping for a fantastic play in the field or a diving stop at short, because that's what our readers and followers want to see more than the ball-on-bat impact of Eric Thames going yard at PNC Park.

But Thames did go yard in the Pirates' 4-2 loss to the Brewers. And, when Thames does send a ball for a ride, my primary options become shooting him in the background of the pitcher, shooting him rounding second and third and shooting him celebrating at the plate. I happened to be blocked on those options except the big guy rounding third on the homer, so that's the one I ran with.

Thames sank the Pirates with three RBIs from his double and home run, so there has to be something to use. You just take what you can get from it. In this case, I'm taking the shot of him looking Hulk-like busting out of his Brewers jersey on his way home, eyes barely peeking from under his helmet's lid. That's the first image in this gallery, and the rest of my favorite images from the game follow.

Ideally, I get a Powerade bath at home plate for you guys and gals every time out there; but I don't swing the bats, I just shoot them. See you guys and gals in the comments.

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