Courtesy of Moon Golf Club

Sunday’s Best: Godsmack, Steelers smacked

For the first time, two teams with six Super Bowl wins faced off against each other. It wasn't possible before this week, and the NFL made sure it wouldn't wait, either. Week 1. Twelve Super Bowls. Godsmack.

Wait, what? Seriously, I couldn't figure out how Godsmack was the band chosen to usher in the football game of the winningest Super Bowl franchises in league history.  It's not a knock on them or their fans ... I just legitimately didn't know they still made music or performed.

They definitely weren't in my music library -- if you couldn't tell from my signing off of Morning Java with Mighty Mighty Bosstones lyrics. But, I love to shoot live music -- even when it's country during an outdoor hockey game (also confused me) or a band I have no interest in.

When the lights went out, though, I was actually entertained. Not by the song that I couldn't hear on the sidelines, but by the ceremony of Shannon Larkin banging away on an elevated drum kit and an actual ceremony to unveil a sixth Super Bowl banner.

It was fun at the time, but it turns out that it was infinitely more entertaining than the game that was played ... at least from the Steelers perspective.

The first image up top is one I shot of Larkin. He leaned back, held his drumstick high and it looked great against the spotted lights in the crowd. From there, I dive into the football game. There's one of Robert Kraft hoisting the team's newest Lombardi Trophy. There are a few of Tom Brady. There are absolutely none of Donte Moncrief catching passes.

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