Courtesy of Moon Golf Club

Sunday’s Best: Pockets of light

I feel a bit jaded after having the fortune of shooting two West Coast games this season. Once you experience that fall light in Santa Clara and Los Angeles ... nothing else really compares.

That's definitely true when shooting here at home in Pittsburgh. The light never feels soft and desirable, always harsh and hazy. It's always a little tougher to fight through it and nail focus, and it takes a little more effort to avoid shooting action with a sea of overexposed fans in the distant background.

There are some really desirable pockets of light which appear at Heinz Field, however. Players run through these pockets and they can make some really interesting images. Or, in the case of the Mason Rudolph image above, you can create an image where the light falls off completely and the background is nearly black.

If I'd shot that photo of Rudolph as a portrait between plays, I could have exposed for the highlights and really killed the appearance behind him to make it look like it was seamless black paper behind him, but action makes that a little more difficult.

I'll settle for the image of the Steelers' quarterback cutting into the harsh light and running away from the darkness, though.

After that image, like always, is the rest of the best images from the Steelers' 26-24 win over the Colts. See you guys and gals in the comments!

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