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Site Stuff: On Memorial Day ☕


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I'm always happy for the chance to shake the hand of a subscriber, anywhere we might happen to meet. But I tend to save the great, big bear hugs for the following three categories:

• Longtime reader I'd never met
• Lifetime Lunatic
• Members of our military

In most cases, those are readers paying nothing at all to enjoy this site/app, and that's precisely how we prefer it. Been that way since we launched. We offer free subscriptions for all active-duty military, and the rest of our readership -- in a movement that originated in Site Stuff comments long ago -- cover the veterans.

So, on this Memorial Day weekend, please feel free to share this article with anyone in the military with an interest in Pittsburgh sports and let them know we're here for them. No cost. Not now. Not ever.

Here's where to send them: Free military subscription

And, as always, the thanks go to them.


Got a text yesterday from our man Josh DeNinno at Moon Golf Club, who wants to remind readers of his Veterans Challenge to our subscribers. Josh is buying 10 a month himself for a total of 100 in 2019, and he's challenging subscribers to achieve a goal of 1,000 by year's end.

Current count: 119

Here’s where to contribute. (In the past week, we had 26 military requests, all filled.) And if you have any questions, email us at -- DK


We've sold 40 Lifetime Lunatic subscriptions, so 60 remain toward our new cap of 100, combined with the original 500. There's no plan to sell more in the foreseeable future. It costs $299. If you'd like one, buy it here. If you're an existing subscriber and want to go Lifetime, do the same thing, then email us at to let us know. We'll refund the remainder of your existing account. -- DK


A reader asked how our site covered the Steelers’ first three days of OTAs this week. The answer is easy, the execution not so easy.

It’s a combination of planning, flexibility and hustle, and sometimes luck.

Several days before the OTAs began, we had a planning meeting at our splendid Highmark Stadium office. DK, Dale Lolley, Hunter Homistek, Matt Sunday and I were there, and we mapped out a lineup of stories we hoped to get. That’s all well and good, but news coverage is a lot like the weather – things change. And OTAs take on a fire drill mentality because the reporters and photographers have only one chance to interact with the players: When they’re coming off the field.

It’s kind of like a kickoff with one team charging forward to meet the other team coming just as fast the other direction. Sometimes somebody slips through and the subject of a planned story is nowhere to be seen. Time for Plan B, and not much time at all.

Believe it or not, it works. Our coverage team produced a mountain of great content this week from Ben Roethlisberger’s first words to the assembled journalists to Terrell Edmunds’ Twitter flap. And, to think, that’s only the first three days with seven more OTA sessions to come, followed by minicamp with Latrobe not long after that.

Only 106 days until kickoff in Foxborough..  -- Jim Barger


We're always looking to grow our base of business partners, and there currently are several very good opportunities available to take advantage of our unprecedented reach. Our 2019 media kit has all the info you’d want. Email me directly at to set up a meeting. -- Dali Kovacevic

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